Monday, October 08, 2007

Why everyone should read Alan Bennett...

From his 1994 anthology of prose writing, screenplays and diaries, a glorious anecdote from Alan Bennett:
"I am reminded of a couple, friends of Russell Harty's, who had a son of twelve or so who they were worried might be growing up gay. However, they were greatly heartened when the boy said that what he wanted for Christmas was a Mecanno set. Delighted by what they saw as an access of butchness, they bought him the biggest set they could find; it was a huge success, and he took it to his room and played with it for hours. The day came when the boy asked to show them what he had been making, and they were made to wait with their backs turned while he manoeuvred it into the room. When they turned round, the boy stood there shyly peeping at them from behind a vast Mecanno fan."


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