Friday, October 05, 2007

A lick of paint...

A few long in the planning changes for Cassilis which (I hope!) you've noticed. It's always been my intention to broaden the focus and not remain totally political on this so I wanted a strapline that reflected this - the Robertson Davies quote sums it up perfectly.

I've also added a video box on the right which will give me an opportunity to share some of the things that delight, entertain, infuriate, interest or just plain confuse me - will endeavour to update it regularly and hopefully there should be something new there at least every couple of days. When I figure out how I'll add an archive as well. First up? - the wonderful Django Reinhardt and one of the few people I'm happy to attach the 'hero' tag too, enjoy. And in case anyone thinks I've completely forsaken the political, if we have an election in the next few weeks the video box will be useful to flag those YouTube moments when Brown/Cameron/Ming are caught on camera picking their nose/wearing a top hat or riding a stair lift (I'll let you tie the name to the likely incident!)

More soon...


At 1:31 AM , Newmania said...

Fancy place !!..Jazz oh dear me no.I attended a residential music course at Guildhall a good few years ago. I `m an adequate keyboard player. There was a good rivalry between the geezerish soul/rock/pop folk and the Jazzers who were Euro weeds of various exotic varieties.

We were consigned to the basement where James Brown riffs and pop could be heard.It was like being in the old gits from Fame.

On the EU I wonder how many Conservatuve who bitch about it (like me ) would actually leave if they could press a button.

At 12:41 AM , Newmania said...

Cas...sorry to blog mail you but I seriously need some help wuith this magazine idea which has got loads of interest.Unfortnately I am about the least qualified person I know to start web publishing .

My impression is that anything half decent would work well. I like your idea of a calmer broader product which is exactly what I had in mind. I thought aim for "Prospect standards" and see how good it can be.

Your contact doesn`t work but I need tech assistance planning help and from then on editing and shaping. Material wil be easy clearly as will interest. I think a team of four prepared to make some effort would be about right. You did say you might be able to offer some general help and I feel your style woul ideally suit such a vechile .

Having diffrent views would be so much more interesting and ina subtle way help "decontaminate the brand" further...this work is only starting .

I am going to set up a public email address.

Sorry to vandalise you house !

At 5:34 AM , Cassilis said...

No problem NM - day job particularly busy for a few days but let me have a think.

'Contact' option in menu bar should work now but I'm at anyway and we can take this offline.

First thing we do need a decision on is hosting i.e. - Blogger, Wordpress etc. I'd suggest Blogger since most interested parties seem to be there anyway. Will have a think about domains etc. and design...


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