Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From a distance...

I've just finished watching PMQ's in a crowded and noisy canteen at work - I didn't catch every word of every exchange but I did take in the mood and tone and kept an eye on the people around me who were paying even less attention than I was. At this distance the Tories looked like they were loving it - all smiles and laughing, relaxed postures and confident demeanours. What I caught of Cameron's delivery he was relaxed & fluent, firm where he needed to be and jovial where he could afford to be.

The overriding impression from the Labour benches was one of anger and fear. Little smiling or laughing and what there was was forced and insincere. Brown's advisers really need to caution him over that contemptuous sneer he has when Cameron is talking - Labour tribalists might love it but the apolitical masses will judge him harshly on it. The hatred he has of the Tories reeks off him and it's potentially the best asset the Conservative party has. When he speaks it's the same - we see anger & contempt not vision and statesmanship.

Listening to the remarks of people around me this seems to be the general view of the encounter and for most that's all they'll see of it - not for them the anticipation of Newsnight tonight with a cup of tea and a wet rag to bite down on! So is this general sense of tone and style important? I think it is because more often than not the policy minutiae that interests bloggers and political obsessives isn't of any real interest to the general public - it certainly isn't a significant influence on how they vote. They are far more likely to form opinions based on their fleeting exposure to events like this. In that sense and given the reaction around me today not to mention the events of the weekend, we may be witnessing the political tide turning.


At 4:26 PM , Newmania said...

I enjoyed that, the way I see it though Cas there had to be a far broader coalition than we are now contemplating whatever micro perturbations come our way. Liberals , yes and UKIPs as well


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